Mit Fiscal

Cash Management Programme

We strongly believe in the medium to long term benefits that investing in real assets can bring to clients, especially when it is linked to achieving their financial planning goals. We also recognise that there may be situations where holding funds in cash can be appropriate for many reasons.

We are therefore pleased to offer our retained clients an opportunity to join our 'Cash Management Programme'

Improving returns and increasing protection

We all know that interest rates are very low but by reviewing the whole market, we are confident that we can significantly increase the returns clients can achieve on their cash holdings. We can do this at the same time as potentially increasing the FSCS protection that their cash holdings attract.

Meeting Clients' liquidity needs

We can tailor a portfolio of cash holdings to meet a client’s liquidity needs by utilising a range of different term deposits that suits.

Not just for private individuals

There are numerous client types where this facility might be beneficial including –

  • Private individuals
  • Pension funds
  • Business owners
  • Trust funds
  • Charities
  • Court of protection settlements
  • Power of attorney funds

If you are holding a significant amount of deposit monies and would like to discuss the best options to generate a better return as well as increased security, please give us a call.